Basement Records

Phil Wells launched the ‘Basement Records’ label in 1989 and the label went on to become one of the best Rave labels of its generation, launching the careers of Artists and Djs such as Alex Reece, Wax Doctor, Justice, Mayhem (martin Ikin), Kev Bird aka DJ KGB, Loftgroover, Top Buzz, Donovan Bad Boy Smith, Roger Johnson, Photek, Source Direct and off course Jack Smooth & Basement Phil under their various guises such as Jack n Phil, Mystic Moods, Brothers with Soul,4 to the Floor & Darkstar, to name but a few. A string of hits during the 90s saw Phil DJ all across the world. 
Phil also ran the following labels : Street Beats, Homegrown Records, 4 To The Floor Records, Precious Material, Mystic Moods Productions, Pivotal Entertainment, Street Life & Pristine. “